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[THEJOSHUAGRAY.COM] specializes in advertising, sponsorship, merchandising, and touring opportunities that all aim to promote activities or prospects for viewer self-development. The primary [THEJOSHUAGRAY.COM] market segmentation targets men and women, 18-28 year old young adults who value CATAPIE (confidence, aspiration, tenacity, ambition, persistency, innovation, and empowerment).

We invite you to partner, advertise, or collaborate in effort to greater impact urban, contemporary, educated and young professional audiences who are eager to embrace products, events, or companies that enhance consumer’s effective steps towards fulfilling their personal [GRAYTNESS].


[THEJOSHUAGRAY.COM] operates as a lifestyle website with blogging and media content in life, style, culture, ad travel sectors; for collaboration opportunities, email inquiries and ideas to: [email protected]


For partnership and advertisement packages, download [THEJOSHUAGRAY.COM] Partner Kit (below) or email inquiries to: [email protected]