Meet Josh

Joshua Gray | A Quick Letter 


I’m Joshua Gray and I thank you for visiting the site that I created as a contemporary, inspired-living digital space for all aspirational, millennial, and optimistic individuals. First, if you’re wondering who is this Joshua Gray who inserts a pronoun before his full name, I’m glad you made it all the way to my “Meet Josh” page. I am a visionary, creative entrepreneur, upcoming author, and an individual striving for a life rooted in empowerment and [graytness].

I come from Las Vegas, however, destinations such as Los Angeles, London, Greece, China, and Argentina are all places that have continuously inspired me to embody the perseverance, innovation, eclectivity, confidence, empowerment, and service that I bring to this THEJOSHUAGRAY.COM platform.

As an Advanced Honors graduate from Advanced Technologies Academy in Las Vegas, NV, I earned the prestigious Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Gates Millennium Scholarship. Through further educational and career opportunities, I pursued a Bachelor’s of Science in International Business with a Nonprofit Management Minor at Pepperdine University. Beyond the countless friends –well, actually I can count them—I made at Pepperdine University, I had the opportunity to involve myself in the Black Student Association at various leadership levels, Pepperdine Intercultural Affairs Office as a creative director, and the Pepperdine Graphic with my Joshua Gray “Grayde” column.

Just a little bit more about me before this rundown starts sounding like an “About Me” section on a dating app. University played a large part in my development over the past few years, thus, I’m continuously excited about embracing all upcoming educational and career opportunities

Whether it is for information, entertainment, leisure, inspiration, or more, today’s digital atmosphere dynamically influences the motion of our daily tasks; that’s why I’m blessed to have this platform to humbly inspire your education, your career, your life, and your [GRAYTNESS].


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