Five Tips on Fulfilling Graytness from @UsainBolt’s “I Am Bolt” Documentary


Granted my sister has been running track for over a decade, Track & Field has practically become my favorite sport to watch. Additionally, Usain Bolt has become a staple in Track & Field and pop culture–sports and pop culture being an intersection of topics that intrigue me when it comes to documentaries. Thus, Usain Bolt’s “I Am Bolt” documentary piqued my interest.

Once ready to watch, I realized the documentary was close to TWO HOURS LONG, so I knew I was in for a decent watch. When it comes to documentaries, I tend to gravitate towards films that capture an icon or icon -in-the-making “Making good, GRAYT!” I love watching legends or GRAYTS work, while I work. The film does a great job of assembling the arrangement of various perspectives from Usain, his coaching & conditioning team, other greats like Michael Johnson and Serena, paralleled with a reflection of who Bolt is as an individual.


Through the film’s account of Usain’s upbringing, the beginning of his track career, his historic 2008 Olympic showing, and his most recent Rio showings, “I Am Bolt” ultimately unveils five things to consider when walking into your God-given [graytness]:

1. Remain true to yourself in your rise: The film depicts Usain Bolt as the same around the way guy who valued humor and good times, from his childhood to currently. Seemingly instrumental to the fulfillment of his graytness, authenticity is depicted as Bolt’s underlying force.
2. Remain true to yourself at your pinnacle: Capturing his emotions during the 2008. 2012, and 2016 Olympics, “I Am Bolt” showcases the importance of authenticity during Bolt’s reign as iconic sprinter–that authenticity being his hard work paralleled with his lighthearted approach to competitive environments.
3. Have Fun fulfilling your God-given gift: Above anything else, “I Am Bolt” showcases the value of having fun while fulfilling your God-given gift. Your gift isn’t only limited to bringing joy to others, it should bring joy to you, as well.
4. Be Cognizant of Your Behavior: Bolt’s ankle injury is a major feature of this documentary, which was allegedly caused by a mishap at a club. Although not addressed in the documentary, one can assume reckless behavior could have brought this unwarranted behavior. Who knows? Nevertheless, being cognizant of your behavior when fulfilling your graytness is vital to your optimal performance.
5. Be Self-Aware in Fulfilling Your Graytness: An over-arching theme of the docuemtary, is Bolt’s declining motivation for Track & Field, as a competitor. Bolt demonstrates the importance of being self-aware in fulfilling our gratyness, that way we can maximize happiness and be in tune with the seasons of our lives!



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Five Tips on Fulfilling Graytness from @UsainBolt’s “I Am Bolt” Documentary

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