Five Grayt Places to Frequent in #DTLV


Downtown Las Vegas is a burgeoning area of town with fulfilled potential and much promise. As a relocated local, I’ve had a pleasure of exploring various places in downtown. I may need to get out more, but downtown Las Vegas gives me Cali hipster vibes at times, so I’m always down to try some more places (to reconnect with the Cali part of my heart). Until then, check out some GRAYT PLACES, below:

1. If you want to try an assortment of places to eat, shop, and relax, visit Downtown Container Park:

2. If you want to try some healthy & vegan selections, head to Container Park and stop by Simply Pure LV:


3. If you’re in the mood for some coffee and a hub to catch up on some work, try Makers & Finders Las Vegas:


4. If you’re looking for more of a family-styled, neighborhood eatery try PublicUs:


5. If you’re in the mood for a myriad of pizza options in a lively setting, try Pizza Rock Las Vegas:



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GRAYT PLACE: @PinchesTacos Las Vegas Slowly, but surely, I'm becoming a taco person. Therefore, when I learned about Pinches Tacos in Vegas via Instagram, I knew I had to try them out...

Five Grayt Places to Frequent in #DTLV

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