Five Things to Learn About Your Creativity from @JamesHarden’s #Adidas “Basketball Needs Creators” Commercial


Whilst watching a few videos on YouTube, this Jame’s Harden Adidas Commercial caught my attention and I didn’t click “Skip Ad.” The commercial authentically intrigued me because it merged a few favorites of mine (when combined) sports, branding, and design. The commercial positions James Harden as the narrator of various scenarios that depict the void that a lack of creativity would create. Watch the commercial, below:


Transcending the importance of creativity in sports, this commercial (one of several commercial in Adidas “Needs Creators” campaign) implicitly expounds upon the importance of our individual creativity. Here’s five things you can learn about your creativity:

1. Creativity separates you from the usual, the expected, or the normal.
2. Creativity breathes life into your style; style (whether it’s what you wear, what you do, or how you exhibit your purpose) is how you fulfill your greatness.
3. Creativity is what makes you hot; your God-given ingenuity is what produces God-given [graytness].
4. Creativity unboxes the gifts, talents, and skills to the world.
5. Creativity allows you to live a life that is beyond basic; allows you to operate above basic.

The world needs your God-given creativity, use it in exhibiting your God-given [graytness].



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Five Things to Learn About Your Creativity from @JamesHarden’s #Adidas “Basketball Needs Creators” Commercial

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