3 Things #Jesus Can Teach Us About @Drake’s #FakeLove


“Fake Love” by Drake is all the rave right now (and admittedly I’m a fan of a few covers of the song currently!) Interpersonally, we all may have dealt with fake love from fake friends who we thought were real friends showing real love straight up in our face. Or, we admittedly have been that fake friend showing fake love to get something we love? Nonetheless, the greatest man to walk the Earth dealt with “fake love” too–Jesus Christ.


What I’m starting to love about Jesus Christ are the major keys he often times exemplified–one of those times, exemplifying the major keys in dealing with “fake love”. Two considerable instances, once when the Pharisees plotted on how to trap Jesus to provoke him to offer illegal advice (Matthew 22:15-17) and Judas Iscariot’s kiss of betrayal for about $21.60 ( about 30 pieces of silver), (Matthew 26:14-16, Luke 22:47-48 ). Considering these two instances, he showed us three valuable things when dealing with fake love:

  1. Assess Your Squad & Know Their Heart: When it came to Judas, Jesus recognized what what was going on. Hypothetically, he could suspected/discerned/knew that the love was fake (John 6:70, John 13:21) and that something wasn’t right when they were talking! In your life, assess your squad, assess your circle, strive to know your team & know their heart; be cognizant of how they affect your spirit! 
  2. Address Fake Love in Hopes of Moving Forward in Peace: When it came to the Pharisees in the aforementioned Matthew 22:15-19, Christ recognized the Pharisee’s sweet talking all in attempt to trap him; he RECOGNIZED the fake love and addressed the fake love, in hopes of moving forward in peace–which was achieved, when Matthew 22:22 attests to the “hypocrites” departing from Jesus amazed! Recognize the fake love and address the fake love, in hopes of moving forward in peace!
  3. Continue to Extend God’s Love: When it comes to Judas Iscariot, one of the 12 disciples, from early on, Jesus knew that he would be the one to exhibit “fake love.” From earlier on, Christ knew that “Something ain’t right when [they were] talking!” Amidst his service to Judas (washing his disciples feet, John 13:5) to Christ’s fellowship with Judas (John 13:26), he continuously extended Godly love to the one he could “tell that the love [was] fake.” If capable and equipped with God within you, continue extending his love despite those smiling straight up in your face, whilst stabbing you in your heart.



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3 Things #Jesus Can Teach Us About @Drake’s #FakeLove

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