10 GRAYT QUOTES for 2017 from Six GRAYT PEOPLE!


The latter half of the year has brought with it more GRAYT PEOPLE profiles, and rightfully so! From person to person, it’s been great conversing with various individuals I call friends and inspirations. With more profiles to come to close out this year, I wanted to round up 10 quotes from this Fall’s GRAYT PEOPLE profiles to apply to our final stretch of 2016:

  1. “Always broaden your horizons through whatever knowledge is available to you. This allows you to look at the world through many different lenses.,” Niala Charles (Reporter)
  2. “You cannot get to the big without doing lots and lots of the small. I mean, isn’t the great big desert just lots and lots of grains of sand?” Nneoma Nwankwo (Writer & Researcher)
  3. “Whenever I doubt my abilities, I recall the countless individuals who sacrificed to make sure I have a seat at the table of opportunity,” Nduka Nwankwo (Income Analyst & Philanthropist)
  4. “Be okay with all of these no’s before the yes! When you learn about timing, that makes so much more of a difference in your daily life.” Milan Dixon (International Model)
  5. “As humans we’re not perfect, but we’re not failures either. Don’t look at anything as a failure, but an opportunity to prove yourself,” Niala Charles (Reporter)
  6. “If you just keep pressing on in the direction that is right for you, you’ll look back and realize you’ve traveled some distance,” Asia Dean (Healthcare Professional)
  7. “Being persistent and staying committed are the main ingredients in pursuing one’s personal [graytness].” Jimdre Westbrook (Author & Entrepreneur)
  8. “There is also great value in being consistent but developing the skill of patience. Every game is won with patience. When you don’t get the outcome you want, learn the lesson, refine your approach, incorporate the lessons and try again!” Nduka Nwankwo (Income Analyst & Philanthropist)
  9. “Remember that the journey is as significant as the destination.,” Asia Dean (Healthcare Professional)
  10. “The great news is that God has a master plan for you too! Stay humble. Stay hungry. Stay focused!” Jimdre Westbrook (Author & Entrepreneur)


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10 GRAYT QUOTES for 2017 from Six GRAYT PEOPLE!

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