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As the musical complement to the introductory GRAYTER capsule, “GRAYTER 001 Playlist: The Election Year” lyrically and sonically encompasses the spirit of the three piece merch capsule. 

Curated through the lens of a marginalized & oppressed community, the playlist aims to ignite motivation & optimism within the hearts of those eager to heal authentically and progress transformationally from the 2016 Presidential Election & subsequent socio-political climate. 

Vocalizing the struggle, the plight, the promise, and the purpose embedded in those struggling to identify with or acquire comfort in the current flow of social concerns, the 16-track playlist commences with Chance the Rapper’s “We The People.”


As the opening selection, “We The People” vocalizes everyone’s hope–regardless of socio-economic affiliations–to have a hero that champions the ideals & matters of a community; nevertheless, Michael Jackson’s “Scream” sustains an optimistic hope through the soulful and urban jam production, yet the lyrics and its original elements of rock capture a rising frustration in the injustices that plague a community. 

As the third selection in the playlist, “My People” is a remix of Drake & Meek Mill’s “RICO” that more specifically details the injustices relevant to those that plague the Black community. In essence, the following soulful, southern Church ad-libbed remix of Solange’s “Weary” captures the emotions depleting one’s energy, when it comes to internalizing the injustices occurring in the world. 

Fifth, Tamara Chauneice’s smooth, sultry tone glides over Bryson Tiller’s “Don’t,” a soft, yet respectful reproach to the invokers of injustices as a plea for peace. With peace in mind, PJ Morton’s piano driven “You Should Be Ashamed” follows. Honest & apparently authentic, ‘Ashamed” aims to evoke reflection of the prejudices within the heart of some–given the need for reflection at this point, Brik Liam’s acapella interlude “So Reflective” allows for a minute of reflection, considering the plethora of emotions exploded in the first half of this playlist. 

From hope to frustration to anger to weariness to longing, “So Reflective [Interlude]” permits you to recognize your internal emotions as you continue vibing to the playlist. A sample of a Martin Luther King speech ushers in Darius Scott’s “America,” a plea not to man, but to God. The elements of rasp and assurance in his voice heightens the importance of faith when dealing with the plethora of emotions hovering the hearts of the marginalized. 

Once again, recognizing the presence of such emotions, SHINE–a Brik Liam cover by Lindsay Niccs–summons the shining of the sun in light of rain. Essentially, the interlude of sorts summons the turning of a new leaf. 

The Kayla T cover of Arian Grande’s “Be Alright,” softly turns that leaf. The Kayla T reinterpretation prepares the way for a reassured confidence found lyrically and sonically in Alic Wall’s “Beautiful” and Ajanee Hambrick’s subtly ferocious “Titanium x Ready Aim, .” These two tracks follow Chance the Rapper & The Social Experiment’s contemplative confident “Wonderful Everyday,” the successor of Kayla’s “Be Alright”

Finding & identifying with a lost confidence is essential to the climax of the playlist, Brittney Wright’s “Be Alright.” Purposefully selected as the more vibrant & energized twin to the previous “Be Alright,” Wright’s original song establishes the assurance that we will be alright–regardless of the turbulence we encounter. 

On the same energized funk, soul, and inspirational runway, Cooley Kimble’s “Higher” is a cool, yet relentless song of ambition, with a simple assurance of going higher. 

Ultimately, the playlist captures the intended ethos of the Election Year Capsule: keeping hope, gratitude, faith, and confidence to continuously press forth towards something. Thus, the playlist ends with an enchanting & inspirational draft “Go On” by Isa –inclusive of affirmational words and a confident readiness for the forthcoming. 


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STREAM: GRAYTER 001 Capsule Playlist | The Election Year on @Soundcloud

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