GRAYTER Store & Merch Launch: 3 Things to Know About the #Obamacared Shirt


What a time to be alive, eh? So why not pursue your dreams and goals. Resonating with that mantra, I launched the commerce adjacent to this site, GRAYTER. The online store aims to empower you to embrace your GRAYTER with each capsule installment, through every purchase. 

Excited about this new addition to, the Election Year Merch Capsuld is available on GRAYTER.CO for preorder until Wednesday, November 30

About the Store:

Three Things About the Obamacared Shirt:

The Election Year Merch Capsule curates three exclusive short-sleeve shirt designs  incorporating political, conversational, and inspirational undertones. The “Obamacared: We Thank You” Shirt is a statement on keeping hope & gratitude, here’s three special elements of the shirt


  1. The Wording: A play on words of President Obama’s “Obamacare,” the wording enhances the commemorative nature of the shirt and the myriad of issues President Obama cares about in the past 8 years–from some policies to the poise his administration exuded throughout this election year. 
  2. The Presidential Silhouettes: Adding a reflective and finalizing touch, the wording contains silhouettes of Barack & Michelle Obama looking at each other. 
  3. The Significance: In its completion, this shirt symbolizes hope in the future (regardless of its bleakness) and gratitude for President Obama’s service to America. 


Keep hope, keep gratitude & preorder the OBAMACARED: We Thank You Shirt & additional #ElectionYear Merch, here:



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GRAYTER Store & Merch Launch: 3 Things to Know About the #Obamacared Shirt

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