GRAYT PLACE: @PublicUsLV Downtown #LasVegas

Being present in life has its perks, such as finding cool places while driving to certain destinations and then correlating that place with a dope Instagram post you seen. That is what happened when discovering, PublicUs, a Downtown Las Vegas Fremont East District eatery. Healthy, urban, and family friendly, PublicUs fosters fulfillment and functionality for those strolling through Downtown.



The Establishment: PublicUs is located in the DTLV Fremont East District, one of the districts on the outskirts of the hustle and bustle of Downtown Las Vegas. PublicUs’ location outside of the heart of downtown enhances its “a neighborhood’s own” nature of the establishment. With its involvement of UNLV’s Urban Design Studio at UNLV’s School of Architecture, it’s open seating, art installations, a relaxed Coffeebar feeling, and it’s large bench-like tables, PublicUs is definitely an establishment for “us,” us being whoever wants to feel a part of the neighborhood.


The Food: Although I am no vegan or vegetarian, a good healthy eatery is invigorating to my soul and to my eyes. As a canteen-styled establishment, PublicUs offers daily selections to select from and a standard menu with consistent offerings. During my visit, I tried their Cauliflower Slaw, one of their daily selections. The slaw contained cauliflower, tomatoes, beets, and a few other things that contributed to its sweet and savory taste experience. Priced reasonably ($4.85 for slaw), PublicUs offers an arrangement of Sandwiches, salads, toasts, sweets, coffees, and an arrangement of different drinks; ensuring a reasonably priced lunch or dinner.


The Vibe/Atmosphere:
PublicUs feels like it’s made for the neighborhood you grew up in–very neighborhood friendly. The canteen-styled eatery is one that seemingly acclimates to the culture surrounding the establishment versus invoking a particular culture on its surroundings. A hub of sorts for working professionals, students, families, and friends, PublicUs cultivates an experience that makes you feel as if you walked two blocks to your neighborhood’s signature eating spot–no matter how far you traveled to get to the establishment.

In Vegas? Try this GRAYT PLACE!
1126 Fremont St.
Las Vegas, NV 89101


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GRAYT PLACE: @PublicUsLV Downtown #LasVegas

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