SHARE THE GRAYT: Matt Kelly Elementary School & Three Reasons to Uplift Tomorrow’s Generation

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On Monday, I had the opportunity to welcome the new and returning students at Matt Kelly Elementary School with over 150 men in the Las Vegas community and dignitaries (Can you spot me in the picture above?). Here’s three insights on why its important to impact and support tomorrow’s generation, if you need a reminder:

  1. Your Presence is Meaningful: Day to day, week to week, our career commitment and pursuits of personal advancement can cause us to forget that we are indeed someone’s inspiration and that our stories of failure and success can motivate someone to succeedIn our presence at this event, over 150 life experiences converged to welcome and support the students of Matt Kelly on their first day.
  2. You May be Someone’s Void Occupant: Per the Nevada Youth Network, “over 50% of the heads of households of Matt Kelly students are women. In the Sherman Gardens neighborhood complex right across the street, 91% of the heads of household are women.” On this morning, for some of these students we occupied the void of a father encouraging them on their first day of school. Your presence and your support may positively fill a void in tomorrow’s generation fueling them to succeed today.
  3. You are Someone’s Catalyst: Someone somewhere is looking for your success story to ignite their dreams and begin pursuing their goals. Who better to be catalyst for, than tomorrow’s generation? 

Truly, the opportunity to ignite belief and confidence in Matt Kelly’s students was inspiring.


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SHARE THE GRAYT: Matt Kelly Elementary School & Three Reasons to Uplift Tomorrow’s Generation

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