DONE GRAYT: 10 #MAJORKEYS from @KalebMitchell’s “45” Mixtape + Stream the Mixtape

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While browsing Alic Wall’s Soundcloud, I came across Kaleb Mitchell’s “45” Mixtape. Soundbites, ridiculously hype production, and a good flow can easily keep me locked into a musical piece. Comprising all of the above, Kaleb Mitchell’s “45” definitely locked me in and hasn’t let me go, yet.


I always live for a good musical project that projects inspiration & motivation onto the listener–it makes it easier to listen to when working towards your own destiny. Doing just that, “45” has definitely become something to listen to while working, working out, or just brainstorming ideas on how to push closer to your purpose.

The Vibe:

This musical collective doesn’t lock you in over vain ambitions or vain accomplishments; the substance of the album and the subsequent vibe it fosters is what makes this a moving hip-hop fused mixtape. 45 is raw in its authenticity, honest in subject matter that millennials face, and emotional in its transparency. Kaleb’s aggressive and sincere flow fused with the mixtape’s general high energy elevates the mixtape’s relatability to a higher level. Above all, the contemporary nature of the mixtape makes for a comfortable listen.

The 10 #MajorKeys: Legitimately, each track has some “key” to make your good, GRAYT. Here’s 10 key takeaways to unlocking your GRAYTNESS from Kaleb Mitchell’s “45”:


  1. Never say never, recapture your dream. (Track: 45)
  2. Disregard the doubters of your dream. Be confident and determined in your destiny. Believe in your special! (Track: Whatchu Mean)
  3. “Set a goal and execute” & Continue to believe in your dream. (Track: Free Throws)
  4. “Sometimes you can’t be here for the compliments.” But, be here for the completion of your goals and dreams. (Track: Switch Up)
  5. You can’t accomplish everything and/or perfect everything in your human ability, you need something greater. (Track: SOS)
  6. Be determined to not be defeated by stress or pressure! (Track: No Pressure, All Good)
  7. If “you have a dream, don’t let anyone take it”! (Track: No Pressure, All Good)
  8. Declare that you are all good. Even if you’ve been to hell and back, speak over your life that you are all good! (No Pressure, All Good)
  9. Identify your perception of yourself and keep working toward being true to your true calling (Track: Outro).
  10. Fear nothing, you possess something greater inside of you! (Track: Goliath)

Ignite your life and STREAM this soundtrack to your GRIND, below:

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DONE GRAYT: 10 #MAJORKEYS from @KalebMitchell’s “45” Mixtape + Stream the Mixtape

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