Behind the Style Concept #64: How to Create the Bleached “Knot-Pattern” Wolves Tee


Ever since the bleached tee craze resurfaced, I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to create my own tee that was sentimental to me. I finally found the perfect T-Shirt to join the “vintage” t-shirt trend lingering around the globe. Check out how I created “The Wolves” Shirt, tips on the Knot-Pattern, and the shirt’s sentimental value, below:

    1. Selecting a Meaningful Shirt: My elementary school mascot was a wolf, so finding this T-Shirt set the tone for making this masterpiece of a shirt. When looking for a vintage tee, try to find a shirt that you connect with and/or has historical value to you!
    2. Preparing for the Knot-Pattern: This method of bleaching all started when I could not find any rubber-bands or rope to tie my shirt for bleaching. Tying the shirt into not serves as a compelling method for bleaching the shirt.
    3. The Bleach Soak: After you tie the knots into your shirt, lay the shirt in a bucket or sink, and pour 2-3 cups of High Premium Bleach onto the upper half of the shirt where the knots are located. Then, let the shirt soak for about an hour and then let it sit for the wetness to dry.
    4. Washing & Drying: After the shirt sits for a  few hours (3-5) hours, untie the knots and throw the shirt into a washing machine to wash out the bleach. After the shirt is washed, let the shirt dry (air-dry or dryer-machine). And then it’ll be ready to wear!

Expectations: Hilariously, after I wore the shirt once, I noticed holes in the shirt. The bleach is capable of burning holes in the shirt or weakening the fabric, nevertheless, they add to the distressed vibe of the shirt!



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Behind the Style Concept #64: How to Create the Bleached “Knot-Pattern” Wolves Tee

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