10 GRAYT Quotes for Life from GRAYT PEOPLE


The re-installment of TheJoshuaGray.com in October 2015 brought the [GRAYT PEOPLE] Profile Seriesan informational collective inspirational individuals who have shown what it means to mobilize confidence to challenge [GOOD] and mobilize courage to champion [GRAYT]. This week, I revisted the profiles from The No Names, Dennaya Famous, Carlton Epic, Christian Astorga, and Tara Drinks for some of their most inspiring quotes. Explore some GRAYT QUOTES from some GRAYT PEOPLE for some added inspiration to your day:

  1. “[Your] differentiating factor comes when you not only know who you are, but also what you want to be known for. You should cater to that purpose and emphasize it in all that you do—the key to building relevance and credibility.”Jovel Roystan
  2. “Understand that you cannot be someone else. You really have to be who you are. Sometimes when you have your vision, you have your dream, you’re constantly comparing yourself to the person who you want to be like [but] once you’re true to yourself, then you can be true to your brand”. —Tara Drinks
  3. “Stay true to yourself while being flexible, realistic, and strategic.  Its important to understand what you want and the necessary steps it will take in order for you to get there. However, it is just as important to be flexible and understand that things may not always go as planned and that you may have to take a different route in order to achieve your overall goal.”Kenneth Kyrell
  4. “Be yourself and love that person.  You’ll be surprised when you find out how many people like the real you.”Jovel Roystan
  5. “Quality and authenticity are two things that will never go unappreciated no matter how the times change”Christian Astorga.
  6. “The impossible can always be broken down into possibilities. There’s no goal too big for God and there’s no dream that can’t be attained by taking the right actions. The key: you have to take [one] step at a time.”–Jovel & Kenneth
  7. “Reading is important. There are millions of people who lived on the earth before us and have dealt with the same problems; it’s important to read to discover what someone may have went through to help you overcome your problem.”Carlton Epic
  8. “It’s important to only do things that you’re passionate about, and when that begins to happen […] people gravitate towards you naturally and your brand starts to build.”Dennaya Famous
  9. “Just because you don’t have the most experience or may not be the most gifted, as long as you are able to outwork everyone and have more passion that will excel you further than anything you my lack.”Carlton Epic
  10. “No matter how much you grow as an individual, always reflect and appreciate. Be conscious of who you are and who you choose to become”Christian Astorga.



10 GRAYT Quotes for Life from GRAYT PEOPLE

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