DONE GRAYT X #ART: Three Reasons to Appreciate the “Weird Creative” Aesthetic


Once again, Instagram has been the source for discovering GRAYT PEOPLE and GRAYT ART. Earlier this year, I discovered the Instagram account @WeirdCreative and  continuously became enamored with his artistic aesthetic and his digital art renderings.

If you want to push the boundaries of your imagination, @WeirdCreative is one artist who will collide your perception of reality with conceptions of futuristic possibilities. I had the opportunity to converse with @WeirdCreative to appreciate his art aesthetic even-the-more. Explore his art and three reasons (distinction, creativity, and connectivity) you should appreciate his art aesthetic:


As a graphic designer and somewhat of a digital artist myself, I dabbled in some of the styling elements that @WeirdCreative implements, nevertheless, he distinctively strides with the fusion of obscure realities to create masterful digital art. When asked, “What compels you to collide the tangibility of reality with fascinating futuristic imagery?,” he shared:

“Firstly I would say reality leaves a lot to the imagination. The awareness that not so much attention is given to how our thoughts can change reality makes me go deeper to create the possible and the impossible. I then wrap my mind  around things that may exist or create an idealistic imagination and fit them into my version of what reality means; that’s when it comes art. Because most of what I create seems impossible in the reality gives an illusion that they could become part of our reality in the future, I think that’s where the futuristic imagery comes from.”



Beyond pushing the boundaries of what one would interpret as reality, @WeirdCreative combines amazing colors, strong focal points, and beautiful imagery to create impactful pieces. Extremely motivated by what takes him into the worlds he creates, I asked, What (whether it be music, places you’ve traveled, art you’ve seen other places, etc.) in your creative process brings you to the worlds you create with your artwork?”, he shared:

“The worlds I create are where I want to see and feel at that point in time, imagination takes me to where I want to be. Bringing my imaginations to reality completes me living in that reality. Nothing in life is more beautiful than nature and its my constant object of observation I also include the darker side of nature because hidden in these phenomena there is beauty. So I look for it in abundance in the sky, dept of the sea, animals, etc..”


I wholeheartedly believe that our talents and gifts are planted inside of us to be shared with others, with the hope that it would move them closer to their purpose and calling. Interested in how he wanted his work to connect with viewers and the world, I asked @WeirdCreative, “Where do you want to see your illustrations go in the future, whether it be in a museum, on someone’s wall, on someone’s phone, billboards, etc?”, in which he shared:

“I am more concerned about how people appreciate my work and Acknowledge my value of me being a true artist. Making every class of the society affirming this in their daily lives is where I would like my work to go in future.”


Keep up with his endeavors and his artwork on Instagram: @WeirdCreative


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DONE GRAYT X #ART: Three Reasons to Appreciate the “Weird Creative” Aesthetic

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