Happy Father’s Day: Five Things Dads Do that We Can Do Too!


One universal action simply gives you access to fatherhood, yet a repetition of authentic actions makes you a father. As an observant man and grateful son for my father, this Father’s Day here are several things dads do that we can do too:

  1. Anchor yourself to something higher, wiser, and more progressive than you yourself: Good fathers, even in their superhero capabilities, recognize their humanness leading them to anchor their lives to that of something higher. In our lives and pursuit of success, anchoring our everyday to a power from up above, can lead to sanity and success.
  2. Dedicate time for the things you love & want to see flourish: Fathers prioritize their time, their 24 hours in a day or their 7 days in their week, for those things they love and ultimately want to see flourish. What do you love and what do you want to see flourish? Take time out–whether it be through prayer, fellowship, loving, coaching, or training–to allocate towards the things you love.
  3. Work hard for the things you love & want to see flourish: At the end of the day, engaged fathers will work endlessly to manifest the best in the lives of those they love, in hopes that they are a resource for strength and inspiration in the flourishing of those they love. Work hard and dedicate diligence towards the success of your dreams and goals–work until you see that you are at the core of what you need to succeed.
  4. Work on yourself: Good fathers seek time to work on their inner selves and outer selves, in order to be the best for their children. Take time out to work on your health, your mentality, and your spirit, that way you may be equipped to manifest success in your goals, dreams, and aspirations.
  5. Protect what is yours & cherish what is yours: Engaged fathers protect what is theirs & foster a sense of safety & security. Aim to protect the relationships you hold dear to your heart, the dreams you hold dear to your heart, and the goals you hold dear to your heart.


Fatherhood appears in different forms–what you need in a father may be different than what I need in a father. What I need to reach my dreams may be different from what you need to reach your dreams; nevertheless, continue seeking what you need to manifest success in your dreams or even fatherhood. What are some things your father does that you can do too?



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Happy Father’s Day: Five Things Dads Do that We Can Do Too!

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