SHARE THE GRAYT: Six Reasons You Should Watch “The 6%”

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In the Fall of last year, I recall waking up in Shanghai to some texts about a set of offensive Yik Yaks that angered a majority of the Black community at Pepperdine University. Following those Yik Yaks, a series of forums, conversations, sit-ins, and events were held to stimulate a conversation on diversity at Pepperdine. Winning “Best Producer” and “Best Original Film Score” at the 2016 Reel Stories Film Festival, “The 6%” by Brittany Tate (one of my GRAYTEST friends), was a phenomenal follow-up to the ever-so-telling expressions of hate last fall. With a hint of behind-the-scenes knowledge, here’s SIX REASONS why you should watch The 6%:

  1. The Six Percent is an embodiment of “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Indeed lemons, the hatred that was spewed on Yik Yak in last year at Pepperdine University, turned into lemonade after the determination and dedication that Brittany allocated to this short film. When you’re able to turn sour to sweet and serve it to the masses, it’s worth investing your time , energy, and conversation.
  2. The Six Percent demonstrates how to react in positivity: The aforementioned Yak’s could have spurred negative reactions, on and off social media; however, this short documentary reflects the power that stems from combating negativity with positivity.
  3. The Six Percent illustrates the power of using your gift as a catalyst for change: When you want to invoke change, find the place you’d want to invoke change and then find your passion, when these two collide, change is then most fulfilling. Brittany used her producing, editing, scoring, and videography skills to curate this short response to the negativity permeating our campus in Malibu, California.
  4. The Six Percent is a collective among friends and/or close associates: Although the common thread among each of these guests in the video were Pepperdine. Behind the scenes, a common thread amongst Brittany and all of those who collaborated with her was friendship and/or respect. The production of this film is a symbol of knowing yourself, knowing your friends, and knowing each other’s gifts.
  5. The Six Percent demonstrates that everything that glitters isn’t gold, but if it is gold, maintenance is integral to the quality of that gold. Pepperdine University is a beautiful campus, a beautiful school, with beautiful people–it’s a golden experience that glitters from afar and near. Nevertheless, as with gold, maintenance is required. This film gives a voice to the silent request for a broader conversation of diversity on Pepperdine University’s campus. 
  6. In the Six Percent, you will find the director’s heart. Brittany is the epitome of triumphant–she endured countless sleepless nights, sweat, tears, betrayal, hurt, and more. Sometimes, we may not understand the journey while journeying; but at the end, we find that all we needed was our heart strengthened.

Watch the 11-minute, award-winning short documentary, “The 6%” below:



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SHARE THE GRAYT: Six Reasons You Should Watch “The 6%”

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