SHARE THE GRAYT: Liao Zhi Dances Her Way into Her Purpose

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Last week, I was introduced to Liao Zhi, a Chinese dancer whose life and purpose as a dancer was catapulted from a very unlikely natural event–the May 12, 2008 Sichuan, China earthquake. Her triumph and tenacity, in the midst of tragedy, is admirable and amazingly [GRAYT]. We all experience tragedy, explore how Liao Zhi transformed her tragedy into a triumphant story and calling.

The Tragedy: In May 2008, a massive 8.0 earthquake wrecked the Sichuan province of China killing over 70,000 of the provinces residents and directly affecting over 4 million individuals. Of those thousands killed were Liao Zhi’s infant daughter and mother-in-law; awe-inspiring Liao Zhi was the only one who survived the earthquake in her concrete apartment building. Beyond taking the lives of thousands of Sichuan residents, her daughter, and her mother-in-law, the earthquake claimed her legs. Liao Zhi was forced to amputate her legs as a result of the earthquake; as a result of her entire situation and the stress that accompanied, Liao Zhi also lost her marriage.

The Triumph: Nevertheless, the 2008 Sichuan didn’t destroy her passion to dance. Through perseverance, persistency, and coming into her purpose, Liao Zhi rooted her life in Christ and out of her dedication she began to rebirth the manifestation of her dance passion. Zhi’s determination eventually nurtured the dreams and dedication of youth dancers with disabilities. In her role as a teacher, Zhi realized her purpose and realized that she was called to love and live as a testament to God’s grace and mercy; more immediately, play a role in shaping the purpose of those in quest of their purpose.

After listening to an advisor introduce Liao Zhi’s story, her GRAYTNESS was instantly amazing, admirable, and truly awe-inspiring. Tragedy happens & happiness will be lost, but Liao Zhi demonstrates the importance of holding on to hope and hanging on to something higher.

Consider the following reflections on how to apply Liao Zhi’s story to your life:

  1. Be thankful for those you have in your life.
  2. Seek your purpose today: Learn yourself, learn the world, and learn God and you’ll one day figure it out.Because you don’t know your purpose now, doesn’t mean you won’t walk into or dance into your purpose in the future.
  3. Tragedy may steal your happy, but never let it steal your joy: Joy is the root in which happy grows. Never let tragedy destroy the root of your happiness; never let tragedy destroy your joy.



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SHARE THE GRAYT: Liao Zhi Dances Her Way into Her Purpose

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