Pizza Rock permeates the emerging Las Vegas Downtown social and cuisine scene with a global pizza experience. In addition to exploring the DTLV pizzeria, I had the opportunity to connect with the co-founder of Pizza Rock to discuss Pizza Rock’s mouth-watering pizza varieties, the integrity of the Pizza Rock establishment, the vibrant customer experience, and the Pizza Rock’s core [graytness].


The Food: The fast-paced modus operandi of this generation’s modus operandi favors easiness, accessible pick-up, open-the-box styled pizza options. Nevertheless, Pizza Rock cultivates a dining experience focused on superb food and an engaging atmosphere. Heralded as the “Temple of all things pizza,” the restaurant offers 11 different pizza styles and 4 ovens to prepare cuisine each night. As the menu selection is curated by Tony Gemignani (World Pizza Cup Champiion), this social restaurant for pizza & drinks redefines the pizza experience revering the craft and the skill.


The Pizza Rock Brand: The Pizza Rock establishment revolves around the operative approach of serving delicious foods and a “fun” atmosphere. Interestingly, the establishment doesn’t offer size options for pizza; nevertheless, the restaurant encourages customers to taste the craft, taste the styles, and the years of experience in each serving.


The Vibe & Atmosphere: The creators of Pizza Rock integrate years of culinary and nightlife experience to culminate into the Pizza Rock Las Vegas establishment. Large screens, Rock & Roll inspired decor, the front of a large diesel truck, live DJ’s on the weekends converge to create a relevant deviant from the common Mom & Pop pizzeria locations in downtown Las Vegas. Industrial in its décor, the restaurant is intently created as a location to foster “fun” social gatherings and social interaction.


Las Vegas is already a nightlife juggernaut, nevertheless Pizza Rock strives to cultivate an immersive experience over the convergence of good pizza and the need for good times with good friends. Considering the pizza, the creators, the staff, the vibe and atmosphere of Pizza Rock DTLV, the pizzeria offers a unique experience catering to the energy of the DTLV community—solidifying this spot as a GRAYT PLACE.

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Connect with this GRAYT PLACE:
Pizza Rock, Downtown Grand
201 North 3rd Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101
702) 385-0838  |

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