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Dennaya Famous is creative directorcontinuously refining her craft in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and cities abroad. Throughout our whole lives, our families have been friends; nevertheless, in the past few years, she has befriended the idea of setting her mark in the fashion and creative industries. As a family friend and an inspiration, it was great exploring her journey, her efforts & endeavors, her graytness, and her wisdom in our quick GRAYT PEOPLE profile.

Dennaya, what compelled you to operate in the fashion, beauty, and image sector?

I always felt a natural gravitation towards fashion, so as I grew up and discovered my purpose I knew I could only have a career in the fashion industry. I’ve always known that I was extremely talented, and I knew what I had to offer the world was much bigger than any fear or doubt I could ever be faced with. 


What did you start doing to prepare for your styling and designing ventures, primarily in Las Vegas and, now, Los Angeles?

I think everything starts with a vision, I’ve always had a strong vision of what I wanted to do in life and I knew that in time everything that I’ve been envisioning all these years would manifest. I started my journey in Las Vegas and I out grew that city and decided to place myself in a bigger market.

What caused and/or influenced your perseverance towards fulfilling your purpose?

The simple fact that I couldn’t go through life not doing what I know I was put here to do.

What values have you brought with you from your past to empower and sustain your [graytness] now?

Staying true to myself and my beliefs, also making sure everything I do somehow inspires someone else.


What do you identify as your differentiating factor among those in the fashion and image industry? 

My vision, the way I see a garment in my head or a concept for a shoot. I think that’s something that I own and no one can take from me.

What advice can you give to a young entrepreneur about the art of branding yourself?

The best advice I can give is to stay true to yourself and your vision of what you want your life and career to look like. It’s important to only do things that you’re passionate about, and when that begins to happen I think people gravitate towards you naturally and your brand starts to build.

What do you do to nurture your differentiating factor [your grayt]?

I like to mediate, I’m constantly reading just to keep myself educated on different subjects so that I can remain progressive. I also love to let others people paths inspire me.


What and/or who do you attribute your [graytness] to?

God of course.

What makes you challenge the status quo? What causes you to excel beyond [good] and embrace [grayt]?

Because, I know I was meant to live an extraordinary life full of purpose.

What motivates you to do what you do?

Having the ability to create something that can inspire on impact someone else.



What impactful philosophy, or philosophies do you try to live by?

I live by many quotes and sayings that I have turned into daily mantras, for example the one that has the most impact is “thoughts are things”

Considering the experiences, philosophies, and lessons in your life, in what ways has your personal growth played a part in your professional growth?

[They] allowed me to make decisions, and to look at many things from a broader perspective. Seeing different ventures fail, inspired me to keep going. I know that failure causes me to become one step closer.

How would you want to motivate others?

I simply want to inspire people to follow their dreams.



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GRAYT PEOPLE: Dennaya Famous | Stylist & Style Influencer

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