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Simply Pure Las Vegas provides vegan cuisine choices to the Las Vegas community in the Downtown Container Park. Recently, Simply Pure celebrated a Grand Movement at the Container Park on October 11, 2015 signaling growth for the bistro and growth for healthier lifestyles.
Las Vegas is no Los Angeles when it comes to the popularity of the health-conscious, organic food lifestyle; nevertheless, Chef Stacey Dougan is trailblazing the Las Vegas community and Las Vegas urban community in offering healthier food options.
Simply Pure Las Vegas: Admittedly, I go in and out of health-conscious dietary approaches, however, Simply Pure LV makes the adoption of healthy food substitutions easier with their delicious food options. Simply Pure is located within Downtown Las Vegas Container Park, where ownership of the business and ownership of fueling the customer’s experience are integral to the success of Container Park locations. Simply Pure offers a variety of delicious a la carte options, entree options, and fresh juice options.
Vibe & Atmosphere: Coupled with the wide target of audiences that frequent the Container Park, Simply Pure adds an element of fresh and an element of nutritional value to each Container Park visit. More importantly, the staff and Stacy, herself, invite you in with their warmth and interest in you as a customer, ready to share the benefits of at least trying various healthy options.
The Brand: Within the Black community, health conscious food alternatives aren’t the premise of our culture. Nevertheless, Stacy’s life-changing approach encourages my community and communities nationwide of the importance of adopting new, healthier food practices. Her story and her wisdom behind Simply Pure, simply makes this spot a GRAYT PLACE to connect with #wheninvegas.
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Downtown Container Park, First Floor
707 Fremont St.
Las Vegas, NV 89101, United States

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