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When in Vegas, I’m always looking for something to do, something interesting to do. I’m glad Vegas is starting to cater to the interests of its long-time residents and creating new places to revitalize and sustain interest within the city. Container Park redefines the “park” experience with its interesting twist on play, food/drink, shopping, and entertainment. As a growing staple in the growing Downtown landscape, the Container Park cultivates a unique experience centered around, containers.


Container Park Activities, Services, and Experiences: In correspondence with the Communications Team at the Downtown Project (the cohort sustaining the Container Park establishment), the Downtown Container Park is described as an integral, “milestone in the revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas. By providing a place where people of all kinds of backgrounds can collide, it is an important neighborhood amenity. It attracts people from across the Las Vegas Valley to engage with the neighborhood and have repeated positive interactions that create a feeling of connection to the place itself.”


Brand & Vendor Culture: Container Park vendors target a wide variety of ages, demographics, and tastes, while collectively creating a unique vendor-visitor relationship. In correspondence about characteristics encouraged by Container Park threading each vendor together to enhance the Downtown Las Vegas community, ownership and owning the experience is integral. “Our primary focus with our tenants is that they be owner/operators. All of the tenants are local owner/operators of their small businesses. Many of them are first time entrepreneurs. We think of Container Park as a small business incubator, where entrepreneurs can grow their businesses in small spaces with short term leases and hopefully move on to larger, brick-and-mortar locations Downtown in the future.”


Vibe & Atmosphere: When it comes to vibe and atmosphere, applicability and suitability describe the nature of its vibe–accommodating various audiences. Representatives share, “The life of Container Park changes throughout the day and evening. On weekdays, you can often see mothers with young children playing in the morning and afternoon in the play area along with shoppers visiting the various retail tenants. Around lunchtime, the park fills up with guests from surrounding offices grabbing lunch. In the early evening, live music begins and people come into the park for an after work cocktail or glass of wine followed by dinner.”


Furthermore, “On weekends, the traffic is greatly increased with families, shoppers, people enjoying spending time outdoors. On weekend evenings, there is a later band playing that usually attracts a younger crowd–out to enjoy Downtown’s vibrant nightlife scene. And of course, every night at 9 p.m. the park becomes a place for only people over 21+, so the whole vibe changes.”


The focus on local, owner/operator businesses, great food, great creators, and a great staff, Downtown Container Park’s unique vibe & atmosphere ensures that each visitor would ultimately have a “Fun” experience!


Connect with Downtown Container Park Las Vegas!
707 Fremont Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 359-9982

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