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Keen to align his ambition with action, Carlton Epic is an on-air personality at Stevie Wonders Radio Station 102.3 KJLH host and executive producer of the station’s web-series “Spotlight LA”. Furthermore, Carlton is the founder of a non-profit organization called Project Pit. Through his non-profit organization we met while discussing a collaboration between our organizations; and after a quick follow on Instagram (@CarltonEpic), he became a newfound inspiration. Sharing insights on his journey, his efforts and endeavors, his grayness, and some motivational words, join me for Carlton’s GRAYT PEOPLE PROFILE.

Carlton, what compelled you to operate in the Los Angeles entertainment sector?

Entertainment is very influential in our society and it has had an impact on my life. I wanted to find a way to be a part of telling my story by letting my desire for success overtake my fear of failure.


What did you start doing to prepare for your involvement in the entertainment sector and non-profit sector?

Honestly, I started with just taking the first step of not being afraid to do what I loved. Staying “tunnel vision” on what I felt was the best choice for my life.

What caused and/or influenced your perseverance towards fulfilling your purpose?

Seeing the bigger picture for my life

What values have you brought with you from your past to empower and sustain your [graytness] now?

In my past, overcoming obstacles reminded me [of] the importance of never giving up and always having faith. Using the things I overcame as a reminder that there is no limit to what I can do. It’s important to understand what your plan is; often times we hold ourselves up from reaching our full potential. I just know if I want the “plan A” for my life I must do everything in my power to ensure I can deliver the “plan A” for my life.


What do you identify as your differentiating factor among those in your field of work? 

The ability to allow my passion to overtake any areas that I may lack. If you are passionate about something you will figure out how to make it work, no matter what .

What advice can you give to a young entrepreneur about the art of branding yourself?

It is important to focus on whatever it is that you are trying to do . Stay “tunnel vision” and focus on being the best you that you can be.

What do you do to nurture your differentiating factor [your grayt]?

Reading is important. There are millions of people who lived on the earth before us and have dealt with the same problems; it’s important to read to discover what someone may have went through to help you overcome your problem. Self-reflection is important to ensure you are making progress and not over exerting yourself . Journaling and writing down things I have done/want to do.


What and/or who do you attribute your [graytness] to?

Faith has allowed me to overcome so many obstacles and just believing gives you that reassurance to continue to push through.

What makes you challenge the status quo? What causes you to excel beyond [good] and embrace [grayt]?

Striving to be different and wanting to leave this world in a better place than I found it. Knowing what it is that what I want to do and finding whatever way possible to chase my dreams.

What motivates you to do what you do?

Just knowing where I came from and seeing the growth allows me to stay motivated. Also, knowing that I inspire others to be great motivates me to be even greater. If I give up, I know of the effect it could have on someone else. I love being able to create programs that allow people to let their dream live. Using the arts and entertainment to bring people together that may seem different. Being able to communicate on a large medium to change the mood of someone’s day, to make them laugh, and smile.



What are three defining philosophies that you try to live by?

  1. Anything that isn’t growing is dead
  2. Every now and then, look in your rear-view to see how far you come and use that as motivation to get where you need to .
  3. Be the best you that you can be

Considering the experiences, philosophies, and lessons in your life, in what ways has your personal growth played a part in your professional growth?

My personal growth has allowed me to become more confident in myself, which allows me to be more confident in my brand as well .

How would you want to motivate others?

  1. Just because you don’t have the most experience or may not be the most gifted, as long as you are able to outwork everyone and have more passion that will excel you further than anything you my lack.
  2. Behind every failure lies a seed of success. Just because stuff may get difficult that doesn’t mean give up.
  3. When you get weary and feel like giving up, just look back every now and then to see how far you’ve come. Understanding if you were able to overcome your previous obstacle, why won’t you be able to get left your current on

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GRAYT PEOPLE: Carlton Epic | Radio Personality

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