#SHARE: The #ServingHopeLV Initiative

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#ServingHopeLV is a volunteer-based organization offering services that fill the gap between the fortunate and the less fortunate—every Monday night in the Las Vegas community. Although Monday nights function as the primary opportunity to touch the lives of the homeless, #ServingHopeLV’s mission seemingly strives to go beyond Monday Nights.

I learned about #ServingHopeLV via Facebook, as a friend of mine would post pictures from her volunteering efforts. There are countless organizations that provide resources to the homeless and less fortunate, however, many of the organizations I have encountered don’t operate with: 1) a dynamically dope name, such as #ServingHope or 2) the mission of serving and saving the lives of the homeless.

Inspiring me the most, #ServingHope’s approach in using their compassion, their smiles, and their lives “not to serve those in line but to find those who are sick and tired of being homeless and get them out of line. To provide them with the resources they need to get back on their feet and give them the path which they have to walk to better not only themselves but their situation.”

If you’re in the Las Vegas community and would like to connect with #ServingHopeLV, find pertinent information on their official website, here: http://www.servinghopelv.com/

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#SHARE: The #ServingHopeLV Initiative

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