Preview the Lookbook 2: London and What I Do

Along with the growth in my style and the integration of various forms of imagery, with the Joshua Gray Style Concept Lookbook II, I’m ecstatic to feature images from my travels in London in the lookbook. International travel played a huge part in the development on my style, travel opens your eyes and mind to the fact that you have… options. Being able to choose and being able to grow from your choices is an amazing development in the life of a young man or young woman.

I featured this image in the lookbook, shot by Will Utley, because it embodies the various roles that I commit myself to in life and in my career. The image was shot at a Pepperdine Community Networking event I hosted with the Pepperdine Black Student Association, Pepperdine Black Law Student Association, and the Black Graduate Business Association. The lookbook strives to incorporate more images in the midst of various actions or doings.



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Preview the Lookbook 2: London and What I Do

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